Monday, 11 April 2011

YOUTH AGAINST THE SQUIREARCHY- Labour advances in the Tory Heartlands

Katherine Putnam making an impact in the Quantock ward
 "If Labours going to have a chance of winning control of Sedgemoor we have to take on the Tories in the seats they've taken for granted in the past" Said Labours youngest candidate, Katherine Putnam, out canvassing in Spaxton, the centre of her Quantocks ward. But this prospect holds no fear for Fiddington girl Katherine who was brought up and went to school in the area.

"I love these hills" said Katherine, as she handed out leaflets in Spaxton High Street "I love Nature. It's a place that should be preserved forever and not destroyed by such developments as Hinkley Point!"

Shaun O Byrne on the campaign trail
 Shaun O Byrne, Labours other candidate in the two member ward, and who was out and about in his home village of Nether Stowey, said "The Tories are annoyed that we even dared to stand  in this ward - but we live here and we care about the place! I did 110 leaflets today. it took me 1 hour and 40 minutes because of the long driveways and crossing fields  but it was well worth it because people are happy to see us. I got several definites, a few posters up and lost 1 kilo in weight!"

Katherine said "Labour is now the party to vote for in Quantocks ward. We've caught the Tories on the backfoot and the LibDems are just putting in a token last minute presence with a single solitary paper candidate. I;m urging people not to waste their anti-Tory vote on them- no-one believes them anymore anyway"

LibDems - Losing here

"Vote Labour this time"
 Katherines words ring true on the day that the Lib Dem leader of Liverpool City Council has pleaded with Clegg to quit the Coalition predicting hundreds upon hundreds of Libdem Council seat losses on May 5th.

It certainly seemed to have a resonance with the voters   Ben, from Spaxton, spoke to us as Katherine and her helpers moved on to the next village   "I'll be voting for Katherine this time. we need someone with a bit of youth and vitality about them. I believe her when she says she understands the importance of preserving the countryside , the bus services, the local schools and the like. She got my vote!"

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