Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Trevor & Bert in Woolavington
If Labour is to break the Tory majority on Sedgemoor District Council they must re-take seats like PURITON & WOOLAVINGTON. Previously 2 seperate wards until the boundaries commission threw them together this year,the seats are a challenge for all the parties. Currently both seats are held by the Tories but for 20 years until the by-election last september, Woolavington was solid Labour whilst Puriton had in the past fluctuated between Tory and Liberal. This time round the battle is a straight forward fight between the Tories and Labour.

Local Labour candidates, Bert Vessier who lives in Woolavington and Trevor Hazelgrove from the Polden village of Catcott, have been getting the message out across the ward that if people want to get rid of the Tories they have to vote Labour on May 5th. Trevor says "There is a clear anti Tory majority here which has been diluted in the past by the LibDems splitting the vote . This time round they've given up the ghost but have left in place a single 'spoiler' candidate -who in fact lives in Burnham. This means we have to work even harder to point out to people that a libdem vote is a wasted vote here."

Bertrand Vessier

"..the Issues facing Woolavington.."

 Bert Vessier has lived in Sedgemoor  for 13 years and is passionate about his adopted home village. Out and about with a team of helpers he was finding people very keen to talk about the issues facing Woolavington. Bert - who did his French National service as a Gendarme, has seen his fair share of crime first hand and is very concerned about the running down of Police and Community Support by the ConDem government. He says "Now is a worrying time, the Tory led Sedgemoor District Council has just voted in a raft of cuts which we believe will impact negatively on the communities surrounding Bridgwater. Thoses cuts are unfair and target the more vulnerable people in our community."

"Don't allow the LibDems to split the vote and let the Tories back in.." 
Trevor Hazelgrove lives in the Polden village of Catcott and has wide experience of management in business, community groups and the public sector. A former councillor in Frome, he is currently Chairman of the VISTA organisation and is involved in numerous community & professional groups including the Chartered Management Institute, the William Temple Foundation and Farleigh College (Autism & Aspergers syndrome advisory group). A former Parish Priest and industrial chaplain for 15 years in London, Trevor has a proven track record of hands-on community work including considerable fund raising experience.  
Trevor Hazelgrove

Trevor says "We have to win Puriton & Woolavington to take Sedgemoor  which is why we've been out leafletting, camvassing and meeting people the length and breadth of the ward. Thats From Cossington to Woolavington to Puriton to Dunball. The important message is that we CAN win here and we MUST. The LibDems have split the vote here in the past and let the Tories take the seat but this time they've just put a token presence of a single candidate in a crucial 2-member Marginal ward -so the key message here is Vote Labour here and kicking out the Tories here means we can take Sedgemoor District Council too. It's THAT important!" 

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