Wednesday, 27 April 2011


It's either a sign of renewed confidence that the Conservatives are out and about canvassing and leafletting everywhere in these last final days of the election or else it's an indication that they are more fearful than ever of losing. Originally concerned about a loss of about 10 seats the fear now amongst Sedgemoor's Tories is a loss of 15-20 seats and with them total control of Sedgemoor District Council.

Labour's main battleground is Bridgwater where the new issue of BRIDGWATER ROSE has hit the streets.  Coming through a letterbox near you over the next few days, the Labour paper goes straight for the Tory jugular with a hard hitting attack on Tory policies that have the potential to devastate Bridgwater - the demolition of the Splash swimming pool, the disposal of the Brewery field, the sale of Northgate to Tesco, the Tory Government cutbacks and  the Lib Dem treachery  are all prominent issues with the public during recent canvassing. Labour's campaign is clearly striking a chord with the Bridgwater public.

Kayleigh "Young people are angry"
 Youth is at the forefront of Labour's campaign with their Youth & Student officer Kayleigh Ashworth featuring prominently on the frontpage  calling for a fightback by young people by voting Labour.

Kayleigh says "Labour needs to take all 15 of  the seats in Bridgwater to teach the Tories a lesson and to have a chance of getting them out of power in Sedgemoor. People have to have the belief that they can do this. They mustn't sit at home and leave it to others or think that their vote doesn't matter or that it won't change anything. This time it really can. People are so angry with the Conservatives for how they've treated Bridgwater and young people especially are really angry with the LibDems for their lies about tuition fees and for putting the Tories back in power. "

Katherine Putnam "Youth in action on the Quantocks"
 And it's young people that are the key to Labours success or otherwise in Sedgemoor.

 If Labour takes the 15 Bridgwater seats then the 3 Highbridge seats where the Liberals are fighting amongst themselves and then regains the  2 Woolavington/Puriton seats, it will be Labours hard working young candidates in the seats adjoining Bridgwater who will be key.

Alex Desmond "Picking up support in Petherton"

Candidates like Alex Desmond in North Petherton (3 seats) and Katherine Putnam in Quantocks (2 seats). That makes up the 25 seats Labour needs to take control -they have 8 days to go.

Alex says "The clear factor in this election is the collapse of the Lib Dem vote. Mainly young people who voted for the first time in the General Election last year only to see themselves let down and lied to by Nick Clegg in his bid for power at any price. Now it will be young people that lead the fightback. Who will show they can't be taken for granted. Young people who voted LibDem last time round need to vote Labour on May 5th - that's the only way we can hit Clegg AND Cameron with one single blow!"

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