Sunday, 10 April 2011

Labour Strikes a Chord in North Petherton

Alex Desmond out leafletting in North Petherton
Canvassing in the North Petherton ward got under way early on Saturday morning. Voters are now receiving Labour's leaflet which introduces the candidates and talks about the urgent need for a change in Sedgemoor.

Labour received a warm welcome in Wilstock village, where local residents are deeply concerned about the proposed Bridgwater Gateway development.  Labour candidate and Stockmoor resident  Alex Desmond (24) who has been on the doorsteps from dawn till dusk said "There is a strong feeling among local residents that the current Conservative councillors are ignoring the communities of Stockmoor and Wilstock by supporting the application. "

Stockmoor resident , Steve , was not impressed by one of  his Tory Councillors who he approached with their concerns , saying that " she simply didn't seem to listen to us".  A group of local people are also calling for a Northern Bypass rather than a lorry park in Stockmoor village. So far EDF are refusing to include a Northern Bypass in their proposals and the Tories are not fighting the case for a new road. Local resident Dave said that "we shouldn't be building on greenbelt land."

Sedgemoor Labour Chair Brian Smedley arrives

On Sunday, a team of Labour campaigners hit North Petherton itself. Alex says "With three candidates standing for Labour and only one Lib Dem,it;s clear that Labour are now the main opposition in North Petherton. " One local resident in Portman Road remarked he wanted a change - "I've had enough of the Tories and many of us in North Petherton are going to support the Labour candidates this time".

The surge of support in previously Tory-dominated areas like North Petherton shows that voters are no longer happy with the status quo. Local people in North Petherton have realised that the ruling Tory party is over-complacent and simply ignores them. With seats like North Petherton now in play, current predictions show that Labour could be poised to take control of Sedgemoor next month.


Labour are standing 3 local Candidates in North Petherton - Marion Denham, Alex Desmond and John Hesketh

Marion Denham.

Marion Denham

Marion retired after 25 years as a Sedgemoor Lifeline officer working with elderly and disabled people in the North Petherton Area. She is Sedgemoor born and bred and has lived in North Petherton for 31 years. Marion has grown up children and grand children locally. Although retired, she remains committed to supporting elderly people as a volunteer. She is also a volunteer at the North Petherton Community Primary School and served 4 years on North Petherton Town Council.

Marion is very aware of the impact of the ConLib Coalition and Sedgemoor Tory Cuts. She is also very concerned about the lack of consultation by the council on the EDF proposals for Hinkley Point and how this will affect North Petherton.

Marion says “I want to serve all the people in North Petherton and the surrounding communities. When elected I will always be available to come and visit and discuss any issues. Please support me on the 5th May.”

Alex Desmond

Alex Desmond

Alex lives with his family on the Stockmoor estate in the North Petherton ward and currently works in Taunton. He went to Chilton Trinity School and Bridgwater College before studying in Exeter. He has a degree in German and History.
Alex has strong links to the local community, spending  time volunteering at Somerset Bridge Primary School . Alex’s interests include cooking and travelling.

Alex says “I believe that decisions made in the next few years will be crucial for the future of North Petherton. As an active member of the local Labour party I am therefore keen to make sure that local people’s voices about new developments at Junction 24 are heard and will fight hard for the survival of local services in the town.”

John Hesketh
John Hesketh has lived in North Petherton for 27 years. Originally from the Midlands he is married with two grown up children.  He has been an active member of the North Petherton Town Council for the last eight years.

John Hesketh

John works as a representative for a Somerset Company and is well known to the licensed trade throughout the West Country. John also runs a shop in Bridgwater. John has been a supporter of the Community Centre and the newt Beer festival.

John says “The Tories have ignored places like Sedgemoor for years. County has not only failed to repair our roads for years, now they are cutting village rural buses and have refused to upgrade the zebra crossing at the Post Office. Our Library is more than just a library; it is criminal that the Tories are determined to get rid of it. The Town Council is trying to keep the Library going.  I am determined to fight  these wicked Coalition cuts.”

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