Saturday, 16 April 2011


Cllr Bill Monteith

This week, Bridgwater Town Council held it’s final meeting before the Local Elections on May 5th. Outgoing Mayor ,Cllr Bill Monteith , one of the two members for the Eastover ward of the town, spoke afterwards of his pride in the Labour Controlled authority.

"...a decent place to live and work..."

“I care passionately about this Town. That's why I would urge anyone who feels the same way to VOTE LABOUR on May 5th. I know, as a member of Labour's Town Council Team that we are the ONLY realistic chance of the Town surviving as a decent place to live and work. The Tory candidates will have you believe that they are a viable alternative. They are NOT! They belong to the same local Tory party who closed ranks and supported Sedgemoor's decisions to close the Town Hall, The Splash, The Blake Museum and all of the other things that make up the soul of our Town.”

"...a safe future..."

“ Under Labour's guidance the Town Council has ensured that we have now got a safe future for the Town hall and all of the cultural partners who use it."

"We have saved the Blake Museum and preserved the heritage of the Town's past for future generations.  We pay for our Parks, Cemeteries, Street Cleaning and all of the other things that Sedgemoor wanted to slash. We have consistently fought for the Town, whilst the Tory's on the Town Council have simply fallen in to line with their Sedgemoor counterparts. A Tory Controlled Town Council would merely become an extension of Sedgemoor and we all know what they have done for Bridgwater!”

"..believe in the town.."

“Do not be fooled by their glossy spin. They have done NOTHING for Bridgwater. Only a Labour Town Council can stave off the worst excesses of this morally corrupt bunch. If you believe in the Town as much as I do then there is clearly only one choice on May 5th.  Vote Labour.”

“Bridgwater is a town steeped in History. A vote for anyone other than Labour means that a decent Bridgwater will be consigned to History.”

Labour are standing candidates in ALL town wards.
Currently the balance is 10 Labour 6 Conservative.

*Denotes sitting Town Councillor

Eastover;- Dave Loveridge* & Bill Monteith*
Westover;- Steve Austen, Pat Parker* & Brian Smedley
Hamp;- Adrian Moore & John Turner*
Victoria;- Mick Lerry & Ken Richards*
Dunwear (South Sydenham);- Leigh Redman & Ian Tucker
Fairfax (North Sydenham) Alex Glassford, Graham Granter* & Pat Morley
Wyndham;- Adrian Downes* & Jim Munn*

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