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Reg Winslow in Sydenham Fairfax
One of the strangest campaign claims in an evermore desperate LibDem campaign is "vote for us or you'll let the Tories in"....followed by "Winning here!"...or now simply, in the best Charlie Sheen style.."Winning!". The Lib Dems have now apparently lost 2million voters since the election last year due to their broken pledges and duplicity....and of course, due to their 'letting the tories back into government". Lib Dem claims locally are now met with derision. Of course this is not enough, and Labour is having to step up their campaigning in seats that are now marginals in order to fill the vacuum left by the vacuous Lib Dems.
In Fairfax it's a straight Labour-Tory battle. Former Sedgemoor Enivironmental officer Reg Winslow is out on the doorsteps working hard to get the message across that people mustn't be tempted to waste their votes on the lone 'paper' libdem candidate as every vote counts in the struggle to oust the 3 Bower Tories and make Bridgwater a Tory-Free Zone. Reg is well known as a hard working and community sprited individual who is determined to put his years of Local Goverment experience at the service of the people he hopes to represent. "The message on the doorstep has been really positive " said Reg "Clearly people are angry about the loss of the Splash but also what the Tories are doing Nationally. This wasn't what people voted for. And people are so dissilusioned with the LibDems that this time they're voting Labour to send the 3 key messages - we don;t like what the Tories are doing, we don't trust the libdems and we're better off with Labour."

                         It's time for a change
Jenny Baines in King's Isle

In the moorland seat of King's Isle, taking in Weston Zoyland, Middlezoy, Chedzoy and Bawdrip, the tories have ruled the roost almost forever. This time the spotlight is on energetic local teacher Jenny Baines from Middlezoy and her running mate Liz Leavy, whose mum Kathy Phelps, was the Headteacher at Weston Zoyland for many years. 

Jenny , pictured with her husband Andy, says "Everywhere I go the thing people say to me is 'it's time for a change. That's what we aim to give them here in King's Isle!"

Jenny Baines has lived in Middlezoy for 14 years and has been closely involved with various village organisations including the playgroup, the Middlezoy Community Project and the PTFA. Most recently Jenny was governor at Middlezoy Primary School, acting as the Chair of Governors until April 2009. During this time she was closely involved in the federation of Middlezoy and Othery Schools which has successfully built closer links between the two villages. Jenny , the workplace rep for the Association of Teachers and Lecturers says “I am standing for the Kings Isle because I value deeply the vibrant and active community in this part of Sedgemoor. I am proud to live in an area full of active volunteers but am deeply concerned that the proposed cuts in rural transport and support to villages and communities will mean less support for the residents of Kings Isle."

Lib Dem delusion

The worse case of LibDem delusion is Highbridge where their embattled leader Joe Leach is fighting for his political life. Highbridge has long been Sedgemoors most marginal seat swinging between Labour, Tory and Lib Dem sometimes with single figure votes in it. 

Ricky Hopkins - Labour Highbridge
Last time round the LibDems took all three seats  - yet within a month their leader Danny Titcombe, left them for the Tories leaving Leach to pick up the pieces. This time round 2 long serving Liberals -Mike Mansfield and Chris Williams, are standing AGAINST Leach and the official libdem candidates - disilusioned with his 'leadership' and with the National links with the Tories. Labour candidate Ricky Hopkins, says "This means the marginal LibDem vote is already splintered beyond repair, so when they claim that not voting LibDem will let the Tories in no-one believes them. It's really desperate and Leach knows he's on the way out. On the doorsteps people are coming straight back to Labour - and in fact it's obvious to anyone that to keep the Tories out of Highbridge people need to vote solely for the 3 Labour candidates".

Standing with Ricky Hopkins in Highbridge are local community worker Linda Davis and former Parliamentary candidate Andy Merryfield.


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