Thursday, 28 November 2013


Cllr Mick Lerry-Labour PPC for
Bridgwater & West Somerset
Bridgwater and West Somerset Labour Party has chosen a leading councillor, Mick Lerry, as its candidate for the General Election expected in 2015.
Councillor Lerry has lived in the constituency since 1976. He was a teacher for 22 years at the Blake School in Bridgwater and served on the national executive of the National Union of Teachers. He represents the Victoria ward on Sedgemoor District Council and Bridgwater Town Council, and is leader of the Sedgemoor Labour group.
Speaking after his selection by local Labour members Mick said:

“I look forward to the challenge of being Labour’s candidate in Bridgwater and West Somerset. I will be highlighting the need for growth in the local and national economy, taking regard of energy infrastructure. We must provide well paid jobs at the living wage or above, and abolish the mis-use of zero hours contracts.

“I am very concerned about youth unemployment, and the need to make sure that women are not at the front line of the cost of living crisis.

“I know many constituents - especially the elderly - will welcome Labour’s policy of a freeze on energy bills.  And I strongly support Labour’s promise to remove the bedroom tax, which has increased the cost of living for vulnerable people.”


Mick on an NUT demo
As a union representative, Mick was involved in negotiations and consultations with secretaries of state and other ministers, promoting education and the role of teachers in England and Wales. In his present role with Sedgemoor Council, he heads a group of 13 Labour councillors. He has held meetings with shadow cabinet members to ensure a community benefit from the construction of the Hinkley C power station. Mick is a director of Homes in Sedgemoor and is on the board of Victoria Park Community Centre.


The Sedgemoor District Labour Group Chair Cllr Kath Pearce, who was the Parliamentary candidate last time round, welcomed Mick's selection. "The co-alition government's policies have disproportionately affected those on low income who are struggling to pay their bills whilst brushing the scandal of the bankers' bonuses under the carpet.  They have fragmented the education system and are doing the same with the NHS.  Advances made under Labour to invest in "green" energy generation have been completely undermined by this government.  We will have an opportunity at the next election to vote for a new Labour Leader who has shown his determination to stand up for hard pressed families by commitments to the Living Wage and by bringing the giant energy companies to account.  In this constituency, we are fortunate to have Mick as our candidate, with his wealth of experience, both in the Trade Union movement and as Leader of the Sedgemoor District Labour Party.  I, along with many others, will be campaigning hard for Mick to win in this constituency and urge anyone who wants better opportunities locally to join us."  

Mick Lerry -candidate best placed
to unseat Liddel-Grainger
Secretary of the Sedgemoor District Labour group, Cllr Brian Smedley , said "We have had Tory MPs here since the 1950's and Labour has often managed to run them a close second. In recent years the Lib dems have taken that position on occasion and still failed to beat them. No-one now can see the Tory coalition partners as a genuine alternative and that vote will collapse - but people are desperate to get rid of Ian Liddel-Grainger. We have the advantage of knowing that the election will be in May 2015 and we have until then to build the campaign to make sure people realise that Mick Lerry is the only chance we have to do that in this constituency."


Contact:  Mick Lerry:   07775 905080