Friday, 22 March 2013

Labour Group calls on Council to condemn Bedroom Tax

Labour councillors are calling on Sedgemoor District Council to condemn the unfair Bedroom tax which will hit people in Sedgemoor.  

Labour group leader Cllr Mick Lerry (Bridgwater Victoria) says "Labour councillors have tabled a motion at the Council meeting on Wednesday 27th March which  condemns David Cameron’s unfair Bedroom tax, and  which highlights how vulnerable people are being hit and calling on the council to examine the measures they are putting in place to support local people."

Bedroom Tax Motion

Labour leader Mick Lerry "Unfair tax"
"The Government will cut housing benefit for people with a spare room in their social or council let home, despite the DWP impact assessment acknowledging that there is a shortage of smaller properties for tenants to move to. Instead, the Government expects families to pay extra rather than move house. This will not solve under occupancy, but will hit low income working families, disabled people, and families of soldiers who are serving their country. If families are made homeless or pushed into expensive private rented accommodation the policy could cost more than it saves. Sedgemoor District Council, in the implementation of the bedroom tax; will use discretionary payments to make sure that families and people are not made homeless or forced into debt, because of the bedroom tax." 

The Meeting of Sedgemoor District Council will start at 2.30 on Wednesday 27th March and will be held at Bridgwater House, King's Square. Members of the public are also able to speak on any item on the agenda for 3 minutes  but must give  2 working days notice of their intention to Democratic Services team leader Andrew Melhuish (01278 435332)

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