Sunday, 10 March 2013

Happy Mother's Day

 To all of the Mums out there I hope you have had a happy day and have been spoilt be it breakfast in bed or in my case a big bunch of  Daffodils.  It's great to be appreciated for doing a good job. What a shame Mr Cameron doesn't agree.
From next month new mothers will see a change to matenity benefit.Instead of it keeping up with inflation the benefit will be frozen at 1 per cent.  Inflation is currently 2.7 per cent.   This is part of a three year cap on benefits.  Once again families are being hurt and the wrong people are being hit. The governments argument is that tax allowances have increased for those on low incomes. But what if you are out of work? When times are hard are our children really the ones that should be targetted? Where is the commitment to end child poverty?
We need more women in politics to protect our loved ones. Only 32 per cent of councillors Nationally are women and in parliament men outnumber women by 4 to 1.  When you come to vote on the 2 May think who will represent your views on families in Somerset.

Barbara O'Connor
Labour Candidate for Bridgwater East & Bawdrip
Somerset County Council Elections

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