Friday, 6 May 2011


Although the Tories still remain in control of Sedgemoor District Council their majority has been cut from 24 to 14 as Labour make 3 gains from Tory in Bridgwater and Independents take 2 seats in Highbridge. Lib Dems hold onto 2 seats in Highbridge and Burnham South but are routed everywhere else.

Labour took the Bridgwater seats of Hamp ,Victoria, Westover, Eastover, Dunwear and Fairfax kicking out 4 sitting Tory councillors in the process and leaving them with only 2 in their west Bridgwater Wyndham hideaway.  However, failed to make the breakthrough in Highbridge, Puriton/Woolavington and North Petherton needed to gain control.

The LibDems bitter fight with former liberals in Highbridge saw them split the seats with just Joe Leach surviving their but ex liberals Mansfield & Williams making gains. The Lib Dems also held their  solitarity Burnham South/Central seats.

Big Tory names ousted include David Preece, Mike Cresswell,David Hall and Barry Crow - all Bridgwater Tories who voted to demolish the Splash, plus Paul Herbert, former Sedgemoor Housing Executive member.

On Bridgwater Town Council Labour took 14 out of the 16 seats, kicking out 4 Tories and strenghtening control.

 old council (50 Cllrs)  Conservative – 37  Labour – 10    Lib Dem 3 –                                                                                                                                                              
  new council(48 cllrs)Conservative – 31 Labour – 13  Lib Dem – 2  Ind – 2

Elected members are:-

Axevale                                          DENBEE                            John Henry                              Con*
Axevale                                          SCOTT                               Liz                                            Con*
Berrow                                           GRIMES                             Tony                                        Con*
Bridgwater Dunwear                      REDMAN                           Leigh Paul                                Lab
Bridgwater Dunwear                      TUCKER                            Ian Charles                                     Lab
Bridgwater Eastover                      LOVERIDGE                      David Peter                             Lab
Bridgwater Eastover                      TAYLOR                             Julian                                              Lab
Bridgwater Fairfax                         GLASSFORD                    Alex                                         Lab
Bridgwater Fairfax                         GRANTER                         Graham John                          Lab
Bridgwater Fairfax                         WINSLOW                         Reg                                          Lab
Bridgwater Hamp                           AUSTEN                            Steve                                       Lab
Bridgwater Hamp                           MOORE                             Adrian John                                    Lab
Bridgwater Victoria                        LERRY                               Mick                                         Lab
Bridgwater Victoria                        RICHARDS                        Ken                                          Lab
Bridgwater Westover                     PEARCE                            Kathy                                       Lab*
Bridgwater Westover                     SMEDLEY                          Brian David                                     Lab*
Bridgwater Wyndham                    BAKER                               David Lionel                             Con*
Bridgwater Wyndham                    SLOCOMBE                      Gill                                                  Con*
Burnham Central                           CLARKE                             Michael                                    Con
Burnham Central                           DAVEY                               Dennis                                     Con*
Burnham Central                           LAWSON                           Kate                                         LD
Burnham North                              BURRIDGE-CLAYTON     Peter Laurence                        Con*
Burnham North                              JONES                               Neville                                      Con*
Burnham North                              SMOUT                              Ken                                                 Con
Cannington & Wembdon               BOWN                                Ann Elizabeth                          Con*
Cannington & Wembdon               DYER                                 Ian                                            Con
Cheddar & Shipham                      DOWNING                         Peter John Shilton                   Con*
Cheddar & Shipham                      HILL                                    Dawn Mary                              Con*
Cheddar & Shipham                      SAVAGE                            Jeffrey Ernest                         Con*
East Poldens                                  McGINTY                           Duncan                                    Con*
Highbridge & Burnham Marine      LEACH                               Joe                                           LD*
Highbridge & Burnham Marine      MANSFIELD                      Mike                                         Ind
Highbridge & Burnham Marine      WILLIAMS                          Chris                                        Ind
Huntspill & Pawlett                         MORETON                        Jane Charlotte                         Con*
Kings Isle                                        ALDER                               Derek Stanley                         Con*
Kings Isle                                        TURNER                            Nobby Turner                                 Con*
Knoll                                               FILMER                              Bob                                          Con*
Knoll                                               GILLING                             Andrew                                    Con*
North Petherton                             BRADFORD                      Alan Sydney Ernest                Con*
North Petherton                             FRASER                            Anne Elizabeth                        Con*
North Petherton                             SWAYNE                           John Hardy                                     Con*
Puriton & Woolavington                 HAMLIN                             Alison June                              Con*
Puriton & Woolavington                 HEALEY                             Mark                                        Con*
Quantocks                                     CASWELL                          Michael Graham                     Con
Quantocks                                     PAY                                    Julie Annette                            Con
Wedmore & Mark                          BAYLISS                            Diana                                       Con*
Wedmore & Mark                          BURDEN                            Richard                                    Con*
West Poldens                                 KINGHAM                          Stuart Arthur                                   Con

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