Saturday, 14 December 2013


Bridgwater PPC Mick Lerry
"Labour will deliver fairer
prices "
Many households will be going into debt this winter because of the increasing cost of energy. Even where energy companies have reduced the price, because of the withdrawal of the Green levy, the increase in energy is still above inflation. Many people in rural areas have limited options for fuel, many of which lack mains gas. The Green levy helps to make efficient use of fuel, which is particularly important for countryside communities and residents on low incomes.

At the same time a committee of MPs has accused ministers of "shifting the goalposts" to reduce the number of households in England classed as in fuel poverty. The definition of fuel poverty would be changed by amendments to the Energy Bill so that 2.4 million were classed as fuel poor rather than 3.2 million.

Labour candidate for Bridgwater and West Somerset , Mick Lerry said: "The government plans to reduce energy bills by an average of £50 a year in an effort to offset rising costs, is not enough. Labour’s energy price freeze is needed. Labour's price freeze would save money for 27 million households and 2.4 million businesses and our plans to reset the market will deliver fairer prices in the future”.

"Ian Liddell-Grainger MP needs to represent the community by asking the Government to sort out the Energy market to protect people from fuel and financial poverty."

Cllr Mick Lerry, Leader of the Labour Group on SDC and Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Bridgwater and West Somerset.


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