Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Labour Candidates attack County 'Sells offs'

Ricky Holcombe "What will we see disappear next?"
SOMERSET County Council ,  who recently admitted using public money to contribute towards the supermarket giant Tesco's planning fees in Bridgwater,  has announced that it has raised £9million by selling off some of its assets since April. Both moves widely condemned by Labour councillors.
The Council says that "Money raised by the sales will be used to refurbish schools and build new roads. Among sites sold off were the former Records Office in Taunton, for £395,000, and Nynehead School, for £126,000."
"Those on the least income suffer"
Labour candidate for the County Council ward of Highbridge, Ricky Holcombe, who is also standing in the District Council By-Election in January, criticised the announcement saying "It isn't a shock to see this happening under a Tory / Lib dem government .They famously sold gas electricity and water utilities off to anyone with no protection to the consumer As a result of this we are now seeing the highest ever fuel poverty figures nationally and  rises  in fuel bills across all of the main companies with no help other than weak promises from the Tories . Once more those on the least income suffer while the rich are given cuts in corporation tax. What will happen next year when they spend the money?  What will we see disappear next?"
Labour candidate for Bridgwater East & Bawdrip, Barbara O Connor, added "They are selling the future assets of our children. Where is the long term view of their needs?"

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