Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Cllr Leigh Redman
Cllr Leigh Redman of Dunwear ward commented ‘The Section 106 that was agreed by Sedgemoor District Council should be seen as a starting point, there is a lot of work left to do should the secretary of state grant permission for Hinkley C. The agreement provides many good things for the people of Bridgwater and puts in place the mechanism for sorting problems as soon as they arise, increased traffic, HGV’s in the wrong place, too much noise etc but we must all work together to make sure lives are not too disrupted.’


‘I have worked with SDC, EDF and Hallam to try and find a way forward over the loss of Bridgwater sports and social club football pitches, the agreement reached puts in place a program that will see football played on the current pitches until May 2013 (EDF will not be able to start the accommodation blocks till after this date). Two New pitches will be laid out on the north east Bridgwater site to allow continuity of resource and should be available for 2013-14 season with a third pitch for 2014-15 season, I am working with all parties to enable this, I am hoping to be able to get a small pavilion with changing facilities included.’


'Now is the time for Bridgwater residents to make contact with their local councillors so that the agreement can be shared and understood, we need you to help Bridgwater make the most of EDF’s proposed development, if granted Hinkley C will be one of the biggest infrastructure developments this country has ever seen and take upto 10 years, Bridgwater people will be the ones effected most.' Cllr Leigh Redman also supported an additional recommendation calling for SDC to urgently set up a working party made up of officers and councillors to monitor and report on the development.

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