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On Thursday 5th May there will be local elections for Sedgemoor District Council, Bridgwater, Burnham/Highbridge & North Petherton Town Councils and various Parish councils around the District.
Labour Group Leader;Kathy Pearce

   Sedgemoor District Council is controlled by the Conservatives with a massive majority of 37 Conservative to 10 Labour and 3 LibDem.  Labour Group leader Cllr Kathy Pearce says "We aim to break Tory control of Sedgemoor and end the years of one party domination . Labour will be standing in 34 seats around Sedgemoor and we hope to make gains at the expense of the Conservatives and especially their LibDem coalition allies who have clearly lost the trust of the people who voted for them. We expect a LibDem collapse Nationally and Locally . Labour needs to win in 25 seats to gain control of Sedgemoor. "

Chairman ;-Brian Smedley

Bridgwater Town Council is Labour run with 10 Labour Councillors to 6 Conservatives. Chairman of Sedgemoor District Labour Party, Cllr Brian Smedley, says "We aim to hold the Town Council and expect to make major gains against the Conservatives who have been complicit in the Tory District councils destruction of the Sedgemoor Splash and ignoring the wishes of the town by voting to bring in a Tescos superstore on the site of the Brewery Field.  Labour candidates will be standing in all 16 Town seats. "

                                                                STOP PRESS......

Election Agent;-Shaun O Byrne

Monday 4th April. The deadline for Nominations have now closed and the candidates are lined up. The ruling CONSERVATIVE PARTY are standing 47 candidates in 48 seats while the main opposition LABOUR PARTY are standing in 34 seats. The LIBDEMS will be putting forward 33 Candidates, the GREENS 4 candidates , UKIP 2 candidates and there will be 5 Independents.

On Bridgwater TOWN COUNCIL LABOUR is already leading 1.0 as only one none-Labour candidate has come forward for the 2 seats on Hamp therefore automatically giving us one of the seats (though we don;t know which one yet!)

You can contact us in several ways.

telephone ; 01278 256377
address;- Unity House, Dampiet Street, BridgwaterTA63LZ
Social networking;- Facebook/Sedgemoor Labour

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